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Can your A/C Unit take the Heat?

Can your A/C Unit take the Heat?

As the remainder of the leaves drop from the tree, gradually our outside temperatures follow; and with the rise in your thermostat, comes the rise in energy costs.  However, certain proactive measures can greatly reduce your winter energy costs.  Below are simple things that you can do to ensure the most efficiency out of your system:

Change your filter.  Sometimes it’s just that simple. Change out or clean your reusable filter once a month to assist your unit in working at top level.  Set yourself a reminder to do this monthly or sign up for the One Hour Air text campaign to receive monthly reminders from your favorite local A/C company.

Upgrade your thermostat.  Outdated thermostats may inaccurately set temperature, exceeding your desired temp, and increasing energy costs.  Take advantage of all the technological advances in A/C systems.  Newer thermostats have a ton of features including WiFi capable, remote access applications allowing you to adjust your settings within or outside of your home.  They greatly reduce costs and you will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Inspect your heating ducts.  Inspecting your heating ducts annually ensure your system is working most effectively. Cleaning ducts free from debris provide fresh, clean air and much more efficient system.  Dented, punctured and bent ducts can release warm air, making the system work over time, in turn increasing energy costs.  Most people are more than capable of inspecting their heating ducts, however most A/C maintenance packages provide routine inspection from a qualified professional.

Keeping your home toasty does not have to come at a high cost.  Call your local One Hour Air today to find a customize maintenance package for you!

Tis the Season to Sprinkle Some Cheer and Support a Great Cause

Tis the Season to Sprinkle Some Cheer and Support a Great Cause

This month’s blog is not about A/C Repair or Service, or how you can maintain your system for optimum productivity.  This month, Inspired by the Season, we talk about giving back and highlight a very special charity we hold close to our hearts, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Incorporating in 1983 by founders Marie Osmond, John Schneider, Mick Shannon, and Joseph G. Lake, Children’s Miracle Network set out to launch their first fquote-for-blogundraiser by telethon.  Their dedicated team consisted of 20 children’s hospitals, 20 television stations, 6 sponsors, and a handful of national staff.

Since the first telethon, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have raised over $5 billion, primarily through $1 donations.  Currently, CMN has over 170 hospital affiliates providing 32 million treatments each year to children in the United States and Canada.  Local donations are received by local affiliated hospitals providing critical treatments, pediatric medical equipment, and charitable care.  CMN’s various affiliated partners, One Hour Air included, provide programs and fundraising efforts in support of the nonprofit’s mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

You can Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are by donating this month to the Children’s Miracle Network.  Each $10 increment donated will add you to a special raffle at the end of the month!  Find out how to enter by calling your local One Hour West Pasco at 727.264.5456. Happy Helping!



Allergies and Pets, Can We Co-exist?

Allergies and Pets, Can We Co-exist?

No truer love than the love of a pet! A solid companion that places you at the center of their universe without so much as a request.  However, for a person with allergies it could turn into a tragic affair.  Sincerely!  Not being able to co-exist with your beloved pet can be most definitely tragic!  So, this month for Tips and Tricks we wanted to send you some key recommendations to keep your home as dander free as possible and minimize allergens.

What Is Dander? 

A combination of dead skin cells, hair, or feathers that can trigger an asthma attack or allergic reaction in people sensitive to allergens.  A general A/C system circulate these airborne particles around the home and worsen allergy symptoms and irritates asthmatic conditions.

What Can You Do?

Minimize contact with your animal by keeping animals outdoors or restricting pets to rooms with hard flooring, such as tile and wood.  Also, don’t allow pets on furniture, bedding, or any fibrous material that isn’t frequently laundered.  When petting or touching animals, hands should be washed thoroughly to avoid ingestion.

Bathe your pet.  Washing your pet frequently with allergen reducing shampoo is said to reduce animal allergen levels by 85%.  Suggested frequency is twice per week.

Keep a clean home.  Dust and vacuum frequently.  Clean the vacuum filter regularly and replace with a HEPA filter if possible to reduce allergens.  Clean pet bedding and cages often and move them to non-living areas within the house.

What Can One Hour West Pasco Do For You?

Install a hearty Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system in your home with a thorough professional duct cleaning service to remove irritants that have accumulated within your system.  Additionally, take advantage of this month’s promotion of $100 off of the MicroPower Air Filter, top of its class allergen removal.

Call today for a consultation and follow us on Facebook for more tips of the trade, relevant news, and local happenings!

The Value Proposition of an A/C Maintenance Plan

The Value Proposition of an A/C Maintenance Plan

You know what I like? Free stuff. Free offers, free services, all and anything free is for me. I especially like when a business offers me free services that pay for themselves or immediately reveal their economic value.
For example, I was at a local car wash last Monday when the employee commented on the crack in my windshield. He suggested I set an appointment for repair and expressed that parts and labor where 100% covered by my insurance. I’m aware, but what was the value proposition? Yes, it’s free, however I value my time and that wasn’t going to be enough to get my commitment. Then he drops the hammer, “with the windshield replacement we offer our top of the line detailing service, a $250 value.” Yahtzee!! If there were a zombie apocalypse we could survive at least 3 weeks in my sedan from old goldfish and half drunken water bottles (go ahead judge, I’m not offended; its survival out there).

I made the appointment and it got me thinking about our maintenance plan at One Hour Air. Are our customers aware of the value proposition of our maintenance plan? If we were able to articulate how regular maintenance on an A/C system can significantly reduce utility costs so much that they actually cover the costs of their maintenance plan would we gain their buy in? Well, in most cases this is true, but here are a few additional reasons to consider an A/C maintenance system:

Premier Client Rewards- love this one! Preferential treatment in scheduling? Yes, please. As a premier client your appointments take priority. Additional privileges are also included.

Breakdown-Free Guarantee- One Hour Air Maintenance Plan reduces breakdowns and members receive an additional 15% in savings for all repairs.

System Lifespan- routine maintenance can double the lifespan of you’re A/C or furnace.

Save Money, “Going Green”- As stated earlier, you save substantially on your utility bill with routine maintenance, generally paying for the membership itself. Additionally, routine diagnostics reduce harmful effects to the environment.

Customized Savings- Maintenance plans are customizable. Your local technician can assess your current unit and budget to match the plan that bests fits you.

So there it is folks, your value proposition as it pertains to A/C Maintenance Plans. At minimum, call your technician today to discuss how to save money and capitalize on complimentary services provided by One Hour Air. For the month of September take advantage of our Maintenance Plan Promotion. Call today to schedule 727.264.5456.

5 Reasons Why You Need the Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat in Your Life

5 Reasons Why You Need the Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat in Your Life

The Sensi Thermostat is one of the coolest home gadgets currently on the market.  With Wi-Fi capability, Sensi can function directly through your Apple or Android device giving you a cutting edge application that delivers cool air or toasty heat wherever you have internet access.

Below are the 5 reasons you should upgrade your home to the Sensi Thermostat:

You can adjust your temperature and humidity in your house from any remote location. So, you have a vacation home in Tarpon Springs listed on Airbnb and you reside in upstate New York.   You can turn down the air in your rental in preparation for your guests, set your thermostat at a certain temperature for the duration of their stay, then turn it back up at their departure all from your quaint home in NY.

The application allows you to schedule the temperature in your house by days of the week and time of day. Do you travel Monday – Thursday for work?  Sensi allows capabilities to set the temperature from the time you leave to prior to your return or throughout the week.

With the temperature scheduling you can easily save on energy cost. The Sensi unit allows for maximum efficiency, lending as much as 30% in energy savings.

Multiple thermostats can be managed through one application. You have a two story domicile and generally climb up to bed at 11 pm.  Your upstairs thermostat can be adjusted at 10:30 for your desired sleep setting while your downstairs can be raised a bit at the same time.

The application also offers local weather conditions and forecasts. So maybe its Sunday, and you see a storm is blowing in through your Sensi app.  You can drop the temperature 4 degrees to cuddle up for a nice movie day.

Ok, so that last one was reaching a bit but I think you see where we are going with this.  For more information on the Sensi Thermostat and other great products call your local One Hour Air at 727.264.5456 or click here for our August promotion, offering 40% off of the Sensi Thermostat with installation and a full customer tutorial.

Help Prevent a Breakdown During the Summer Heat

Help Prevent a Breakdown During the Summer Heat

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® offers these top tips to help keep your air conditioning operating at peak performance in this heat wave.

Tarpon Springs, FL, July 22, 2016 With the soaring temperatures, your air conditioning is likely working overtime to keep you cool. There are things you can do now to make sure your cooling system is operating correctly and you’re getting the most out of it.

Change your filter

Change your air filter monthly or as required by your system’s manufacturer. You can change it more often if you have pets or respiratory concerns. A dirty air filter makes your system work harder and not as efficiently as possible. This can also increase your energy use.

Give your outdoor unit some room to breathe

Keep the outdoor air conditioning unit clear of debris and make sure flowers, shrubs and fencing are at least two feet away. Keep the top of the unit unobstructed and keep things like toys, hoses and lawn tools off the unit too.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can create a wind chill effect, which can help you feel cool without lowering the temperature of your thermostat. Remember: fans cool people and not rooms. Turn fans on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room to help conserve energy. Bathroom fans and range hoods in the kitchen can also help remove heat and humidity from the air.

 Regular Maintenance

According to the Department of Energy, annual maintenance can help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system and help your unit last longer.[1] With the exception of replacing your air filters, there are no consumer serviceable elements of your cooling and heating system. During regular maintenance a professional will clean and inspect your system. They may be able to catch minor issues before they become larger and more expensive repairs. We recommend finding a trusted professional to regularly maintain this big investment.


For additional information contact One Hour Air West Pasco at 727-264.5456.

Is Your Freon EPA Approved?

Is Your Freon EPA Approved?

It’s the Summer, It’s Florida and It’s a Sweat Box in your home.  The air conditioner is running but the air released is mildly cool.  Pair that with an increase in electrical cost and more than likely you may have an issue with your Freon.

It could be low, it could be a leak, or it could be completely out.  So, you call your local A/C repair company for an assessment and they give you a cheap quick fix solution to add more Freon to the unit.

Pump the Breaks! This is not a legal practice.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that utilization of former common refrigerant products to “top off” a leaky or malfunctioning system is a hazard to our environment.  In 2015, they have made this practice illegal.

However, you do have options.  Suggested solutions include:

  • Installing a New A/C System
  • Repairing Current A/C System and replacing Freon with new EPA approved product

In order to decide which solution is right for you, you should ask yourself a few qualifying questions.

How old is your current system?

What is the cost comparison of the two options?

How frequently is your current system repaired?

How does your current system and potential new system compare in terms of energy cost efficiency?

Is the EPA approved Freon compatible with your current system?

Staying within compliance of new EPA regulation is no longer a choice, still you have options.  A more efficient energy system (whether it is an updated to your current system or a new system all together) can save you money in repairs and monthly energy costs in the future.

If your system is showing signs of inefficiency and possibly low Freon comment below and we would be happy to answer any of your A/C inquiries or contact us today at (727) 264-5456.

Dont Sweat It- Just Thank an HVAC Tech Today

Dont Sweat It- Just Thank an HVAC Tech Today

If you are sitting in the climate controlled comfort of your favorite chair right now, you can thank an HVAC technician. If you’re not- then you should call an HVAC technician. These men and women work tirelessly in the heat and cold to make sure your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system works like it’s supposed to.  June 22, 2016 has been set aside as a day to HVAC Day Quoteshow your appreciation and recognize the training and skill it takes to do the job.

Professional HVAC technicians have technical training and experience working on complex mechanical systems and some of the latest smart home devices. They also participate in ongoing training on the latest industry standards and conduct themselves in a highly ethical and professional manner. Their skill and insight can help ensure your HVAC sy
stem is operating safely and at peak performance which can help you save energy and money. HVAC technicians work in attics, basements and confined spaces in the extreme elements and these skilled tradespeople provide critical services that makes modern life easier.We think that deserves a “thanks.”

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® isthe largest heating and air conditioning franchise in North America. Each day our trusted and professional technicians, in the bright yellow trucks, save the day of our customers. So as you think about the long, hot, summer ahead…also think about the hard working men and women who are just a phone call away, ready to help.

One Hour Air West Pasco





One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® is currently ranked as the #1 HVAC franchise in Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 (January 2016.)  One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning puts an emphasis on trust, customer service and courtesy. Our work is completed in a prompt, accurate, and efficient manner. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is part of the Direct Energy family of brands.©2016Clockwork IP, LLC


A/C Influenza, The Signs & Symptoms of a Sick Unit

doctor-1295571_960_720It’s going around!  All of the signs and symptoms are there- runny nose, fever, and progressively getting worse!  That’s it – The Flu, but not your traditional flu.

Air Conditioning Influenza! See the signs and symptoms of a sick unit below.

Runny Nose- It seems as though the unit is running fine.  The house is consistently cool with no substantial increase in temperature.  However, it keeps running, like a leaky nose.  Consistent running of an A/C unit to keep up with the set temperature is a tell-tale sign of an aging unit.  Keep and eye on the frequency that it starts running without adjustments to the thermostat.

Fever- Running Hot?  The condition of the unit is fine. It’s still turning over and running when adjusting your thermostat but it’s progressively getting warmer in your house.  Owner of One Hour West Pasco, Ed O’Kelley, states that generally home owners miss this clue.  “One moment the air is working fine and the next, it’s not warm, it’s hot, and that’s when we get the call.”  You may catch yourself turning down your unit in hopes to decrease the temperature in your home. Pay attention to this and don’t hesitate to call your local A/C technician for a once over.

Progression of the Illness- Like any sickness, it doesn’t get any better without a little TLC.  The symptoms increase- consistent running, increase in temperature, and poor air flow.  All routine maintenance help keep a healthy working air conditioning unit.  Treatment options include changing filters, cleaning coils, and flushing drains.

But Wait!! What if it is a chronic condition? 

We are here to help!  Our technicians are provided with a matrix developed from Department of Energy suggestions, measuring cost of maintenance and additional energy cost of your current unit vs. the purchase of a new unit.

The A/C Doctor is in!  Call one of our local technicians today for a health check on your A/C unit!

For the month of June One Hour Air of West Pasco is providing you with a $50 off coupon for any repair!

Ask This When Hiring an In House Contractor

Ask This When Hiring an In House Contractor

It can be a crazy place out there! Most recently there have been stories published regarding the dangers of hiring an in home contractor.  Although incidents of assault are rare, there are precautions that you can take to better protect yourself and your property.

Below are some important questions your local OHA team has assembled for you to utilize when hiring an in home contractor.

Are they licensed, insured, and bonded? All professional services should carry the state minimum requirement to safe guard home owners in the event of an accident.

Does the company perform background screenings on all employees? Additionally, how far back do they screen from? Are the checks state wide or run nationally?

How are their online reviews?  How are their ratings?  If there are negative reviews posted, how would you rate their response?

There are a lot of options out there and we want to assist you in making the best decision in safe guarding your home and loved ones.

One Hour Air not only meets all of the above criteria but have also teamed up with Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) for an initiative created to educate and recruit ambitious professionals for blue collar positions. The program also offers scholarship opportunities and guidance for future industry professionals.

For more information, click the link below

Mike Rowe Teams Up with One Hour Air