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UV Lighting

The air inside our homes can be some of the most poor quality air that we are exposed to. Homes are insulated and sealed, trapping and re-circulating stagnant air. Bacteria, yeast, and mold then circulate through our respiratory system and cause allergies and illness.

What defense do you have against poor air quality, bacteria, and yeast? Your best defense is installing a UV light in your air conditioner. A UV light will purify the air and dispel all unhealthy particles. UV lights are particularly useful if someone in your home is constantly sneezing or suffering from irritation related to allergies.

UV lamp placement is particularly important so it’s best to trust an expert to do the job.  One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is available day and night to assist you with your air conditioning and heating needs.  One call or email is all it takes to get the process started.  Why take a chance on your health with a UV lighting system can improve the quality of the air in your home immediately.  Dust, bacteria, and yeast are no match when you have a UV lamp installed in your air conditioner.


Clean your air and promote healthy living by installing a UV light in your home today.  Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for more information about this valuable option.  We’ll be more than happy to discuss the benefits of a UV light with you today.

Here are some of the things you’ll look forward to having with a UV lighting system for your air conditioning unit:

  • Less microbial growth on air conditioning coils.
  • Less supplies and expense needed to clean coils.
  • Better and purer air quality.
  • More energy efficiency.