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September Special Promotion   Sign up for a new Direct Energy Protection Plan this September and we will install a complimentary pan treatment on your first maintenance visit. A $59 value!  And we guarantee a clog-free drain line for 6 months!   Clogged drain lines is the #1 reason for AC service calls in the state of Florida.     Why is a pan treatment important? The strip's core is made of a polymer plastic that works like a honeycomb. The active ingredients are: 1) Pesticide "Quaternary Ammonium", this kills mold, bacteria and algae in the drain pan and drain lines. 2) Surfactant, which is like soap that coats the drain pan so residue won't stick to the pan. 3) Corrosion Inhibitor, inhibits the metal drain pan from rusting to counteract the Quat that is corrosive. 4) Fragrance, leaves the A/C unit with a pleasant smell; the shell is covered with a protective sock.   When the strip is put into the drain pan, upon getting wet, the strip releases a strong dose at first to shock the mold and bacteria in the pan, like you would do to a swimming pool for algae. It then levels out and releases a little at a time and will keep releasing for up to 6 months. When you remove the sock and the polymer core that is still intact, only the active ingredients have washed out of the polymer honeycomb. This product is registered by the EPA and is a major part of the A/C's hygiene; it will prevent a clogged pan, thereby eliminating the chance of overflow.
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