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Is Your Freon EPA Approved?

Is Your Freon EPA Approved?

It’s the Summer, It’s Florida and It’s a Sweat Box in your home.  The air conditioner is running but the air released is mildly cool.  Pair that with an increase in electrical cost and more than likely you may have an issue with your Freon.

It could be low, it could be a leak, or it could be completely out.  So, you call your local A/C repair company for an assessment and they give you a cheap quick fix solution to add more Freon to the unit.

Pump the Breaks! This is not a legal practice.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that utilization of former common refrigerant products to “top off” a leaky or malfunctioning system is a hazard to our environment.  In 2015, they have made this practice illegal.

However, you do have options.  Suggested solutions include:

  • Installing a New A/C System
  • Repairing Current A/C System and replacing Freon with new EPA approved product

In order to decide which solution is right for you, you should ask yourself a few qualifying questions.

How old is your current system?

What is the cost comparison of the two options?

How frequently is your current system repaired?

How does your current system and potential new system compare in terms of energy cost efficiency?

Is the EPA approved Freon compatible with your current system?

Staying within compliance of new EPA regulation is no longer a choice, still you have options.  A more efficient energy system (whether it is an updated to your current system or a new system all together) can save you money in repairs and monthly energy costs in the future.

If your system is showing signs of inefficiency and possibly low Freon comment below and we would be happy to answer any of your A/C inquiries or contact us today at (727) 264-5456.